Starting Strength

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Gain ten pounds of lean mass in ten weeks, guaranteed

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Perform three barbell exercises, three days per week

At Starting Strength Houston


Add weight to the bar each training session

your coach will guide you


Rest on your days off

Eat and sleep - no training


Gain ten pounds of lean mass

in ten weeks, guaranteed

It works
every time

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Terms and conditions:

  • Guarantee is a full refund if you follow the program, meet the below terms, and do not gain the promised amount of lean body mass
  • Only males age 18-45 are eligible for the ten pound guarantee
  • Women in the same age range can participate with a five pound lean body mass increase guarantee
  • Participants must not have previously been on a barbell based strength training program
  • Have your measurements taken by your coach at the beginning and at the end of the ten week program
  • Follow all coach instructions: weight on the bar, technique, and recovery outside of the gym
  • Miss no more than two training sessions
  • The cost of the program including gym access and coaching is $100 per week for ten weeks - no contract, no tricks, no hidden fees - cancel anytime